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Transit Lifting Equipment

Transit Lifting Equipment
Whiting is a leader in manufacturing dependable lifting equipment for the rail transit industry. Dependable, service tested Whiting maintenance equipment is available in a variety of arrangements to speed maintenance and reduce costs and downtime.
Body Hoists
Standard capacities are seven (7) to fifteen (15) tons.
Body Supports
Whiting Body Supports are similar to Body Hoists but have no motive power capability to raise or lower the car. They provide support for the car body at a fixed height when trucks are being removed.
Car Hoists
Whiting car hoists raise transit vehicles to a convenient height for worker access to the underbody components.
Drop Table
Whiting Drop Tables are available in capacities to transfer practically any locomotive truck mechanism from a service track to a release track quickly and easily.

Drop Table Video
Truck Repair Hoists
A truck repair hoist’s primary purpose is to provide maintenance personnel with a convenient access height for the repair of the truck.
Whiting turntables are extremely rugged, well balanced, and are suitable for both freight and metro service.
Portable Electric Jacks
Whiting portable jacks can be equipped with a variety of specialized brackets to meet the requirements of dozens of unique lifting operations. Jack capacities range from ten (10) to sixty (60) tons.

Portable Electric Jack Brochure
Transfer Tables
The transfer table is an invaluable tool for maintaining traffic flow between tracks in a car repair or maintenance shop.
Car Progression Systems
Remote control devices operating in a partially enclosed buried track are used to progress one or many cars.

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